Buhari’s advisor defends the senate decision

Nigeria’s senate disperse after a seating session. [image: twitter]
Nigeria—The Nigerian bar on Sunday tarnished the National Assembly on its resolve on the electronic transmission of election results. According to Rapalu Nduka, The National Publicity Secretary in an interview with the press, affirmed that the decision to conditioning the electronic results transmission had demeaned the powers of the National Electoral Commission.

Furthermore some senior advocates said the parliamentarians had tampered with the independence of the electoral commission . Though Babafemi Ojudu,the special advisor of president Muhammadu Buhari on matters politics spoke in defense of the senate saying issues raised by the parliamentarians should be put into consideration.

The Nigerian Senate last Thursday voted that the Nigerian Communications Commission with the National Assembly approval would determine whether Independent National Electoral Commission  could transmit results electronically or manually. While a day after the house of representatives passed the electoral act (Amendment) Bill, maintaining the much debated clause 52(2)  as presented amidst chaos, more so from minority members of the house.

It is clause giving INEC the latitude to determine when, where and how voting and transmission of results will be done, the several members have been terming the decision as selfish.

The NBA spokesman Rapulu Nduka saying, “The senators and our lawmakers in general are trying to make laws that benefit them at the moment. As far as am concerned not electronically transmitting of these results is a terribly myopic way of thinking. It is sad that people just make decisions or laws best on how they suit them, some senators even stated that they did not have network services in their areas. I believe that this is just an excuse. Telecommunications companies are profit oriented. They should be able to provide network to internet deprived areas. I am certain that those who benefit from a system, no matter how selfish, may face the consequences tomorrow.