Jubilee’s Kiambaa loss fuels blame games in the party

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kariri Njama, former Jubilee’s candidate in Kiambaa by-election. [image: twitter]
NAIROBI-Kenya—The waterway loss in the Kenyan Kiambaa constituency by-election by the Ruling Jubilee Party, has elicited blame games among party officials and fanatics. With high-profile managers in the party alleging staff from the president’s offices took over the campaigns at the very tail end with zero plan and strategy.

Critical information popping up yesterday that the President’s (Uhuru Kenyatta) advisors and close allies took a swipe on each other on who is more superior than the other, overtook the campaign unseen and trolled campaign managers.

According to the party insiders, it is clearly seen that the campaign think tanks and squad could not hit the ground running and sell out Jubilee’s candidate (Kariri Njama) as their counterparts did. In line with a senior party official whose name could not be mentioned for his private reasons, he paints a picture of the office remaining as an orphan in the management of the ruling party’s election affairs.

“It is easy to have the blame on party officials but we are relegated to the periphery as some people ran what should be our mandate, people at the OP (Office of the President) should restrict themselves to the issuance of IDs, provision of relief foods and such like functions,” the official spoke, adding they are disappointed by the unfolding events.

The Jubilee regional coordinator for Kiambu and Murang’a county Joseph Mathai, articulated how several civil servants who he equally decided not to name, chased away party officials from the Kiambaa byelection campaign. Stating that the individuals hijacked the campaigns leaving party officials as bystanders.

“You can imagine that being the guy in charge of that region, I was never involved in that campaign so when somebody points a finger at me I think they should be checked. We blame it on people who went there and excluded the secretary general and his experienced directors who had come from the merged 12 political parties.  Our track record is simple if somebody wants to know how capable we are we delivered 2013 and the much-contested election of 2017.” He spoke.