KENYA: Blow to Kaligraph Jones as hit jam gets delated from You Tube

Krispar, Kaligraph Jones and Butross hit song ‘Ndovu ni Kuu’ delated from You Tube. [Image:@krispar/Instagram]
NAIROBI–Kenya—Kenyan Hip pop artist Krispar a.k.a Ndovu Kuu is a disappointed man after YouTube pulled down his hit song “Ndovu ni Kuu” featuring Boutross and Kaligraph Jones.

With over three million views the song was deleted with an upcoming artist Dexta Briyanka citing Copyright allegations. Briyanka complained that the Kenyan hit song was sampled from his own songs.

“I didn’t mean to be rude my people Kalighraph, Boutross and Krispah sampled my beat of the song V8 and generated hakuna masomo K.U wamekata (There isn’t learning in Kenyatta University).” He claimed.

“I have deleted it from YouTube because it is infringing my rights, and also it has promoted violence in Kenyatta University. Hata mzazi halipi fee juu Watoto wanasema hakuna msomo KU. (Parents are not paying schools fees because students are claiming no learning is taking place in the tertiary institution). Let us meet in court if you have an issue,” the musician claimed.

However such occasions have been rampant in the Kenyan creative industry. In June another Kenyan Genge artist Major Nameye Khadija a.k.a Mejja had his song ‘Tabia za wakenya’ pulled down from YouTube citing similar allegations.

With over one million six hundred views the song was reported by an upcoming artist Bouja Bwuoy and delated. In line with You tube’s regulations of you uploaded a song that has copyright protected content, your video could get a content ID claim and struck. The allegations are naturally generated when the uploaded video has similar content identification system with another.

Original copyright owners have the capacity to set content ID to block uploaded content that matches a copyrighted work. Evenly they can permit the copyrighted work to remain on YouTube with ads, in such instances the ads revenue will get to the copyright owners.

The owners of copyright often allow their content to be used on YouTube videos in exchange for allowing adverts run on those videos .