South African Celebrity Winny Honey launches another collection of handbags

TV Reality Star, radio presenter, head of Zonk Radio and businesswoman Phasha Winny, aka Winny Honey displaying ‘WH’ bag

TV Reality Star, radio presenter, head of Zonk Radio and businesswoman Phasha Winny, popularly known as Winny Honey is back again with another creative line-up of classic luxury collection of handbags.

The collection comprises various designs and the signature piece embedded is ‘WH.’ This time the bags are undeniably refreshing, a young splendour variety endeavoring to take all genders to the next level in fashion.

Buying WH bag is a worthy piece of investment that can truly transform your wardrobe, and save you money in the long haul at a price of $1400.

As a result of bag’s durability and elements, it makes an outfit look more polished and expensive, holding their exact value.

The bags are ready in various colors, as apparent on her social media pages where she’s been displaying a glimpse of her elegant designs.

According to Honey, “WH bags offers absolute flexibility regardless of the type of event you are attending, and pick for colors is unique, each has a meaning and an impact.”

Also, the collection aims to bring the finest quality of well-designed bags to people who desire more and are after a timeless yet stylish product.

The 28-year-old’s design inspiration for the handbag collection came from her mother and over half a decade of her experience in the fashion industry. To her, the drive to make fashion practical and wearable has been a force to reckon with.

As the she points out, “handbag is one’s best friend because it is where all secretes, comfort and privacy are kept,” her style is always about “an emotional connection with the bags, outfits, and what touches the soul.”

Honey is one of the four Limpopo sisters starring the famous South African reality Show “Village Girls”. She also owns an online clothing store.

Winny Honey’s handbags are available on