KENYA: Ringtone shows up in Court in an ambulance

Ringtone in Kibera Law Courts. [Image: courtesy]
NAIROBI-Kenya—Alex Apoko professionally called Ringtone, is a Kenyan gospel artist who left many perplexed on Thursday after arriving at the Kibera Law courts in an ambulance, while seemingly in agony.

The musician was in court to attend to a case in which he accused a Kenyan controversial blogger Robert Alai of Assault and malicious damage of property.

He was dressed in a hospital gown, with parts of his face and arm heavily bandaged. The court appearance comes a day after the singer claimed to have been assaulted by Alai and the public is aware.

“I am still in pain, I have been experiencing severe headaches, my jaw hurts, my arms hurt, and I’m constantly dizzy.” He spoke to a Nairobi showbiz magazine.

Since that incident which was captured on video, Ringtone released several videos on social media in which he repeatedly says he is hurting and in need of treatment, while vowing that Alai will pay for his actions.

“There is no way I could have faked the blood dripping in my face. The injuries I sustained while Alai was hitting me are real, and the Kes500 worth of damages made to my property also very real.”

Apart from promising Ringtone a battle royale in the corridors of justice, Alai who is an aspiring politician has remained uncharactically quiet.

Alai and Ringtone had what appears to be a public altercation sometime last week when they were filmed exchanging improper words, as the controversial blogger walked towards him with a club in his hand.

Ringtone alleged he was hit severally with that club on the head while the window of his car was also smashed.

He further claims to have spend more than half a million Kenyan shilling to treat himself and cater for the damages on his Range Rover car.