Natangwe taking over Namibia’s  music production industry

Natangwe the producer lives and breathes music. [Image: courtesy]
Namibia—One of the biggest and celebrated music producers in the northern region of Namibia is Natangwe Mexico Linus. He has produced unmatchable singles and albums for many in the creative industry.

Natangwe at a tender age failed to attain sufficient points in grade 12, he tried Namcol to boost his subjects to a better result but equally failed. With failure after another in class, he chose a different path of music and entertainment.

He engaged in little selling of fresh farm produce from his home after which he started a small music studio where he is currently doing his music production. He started his music career when still in school at Okalongo SSS in 2008, where he had a group called (Lil Mex and King Dalla).

“While doing Namcol, I moved to Ongwediva, where I started my studio, YKMP (Young King Music Production). Ongwediva had so many studios so I decided to move my studio to Odangwa because I felt like there is no music competition at Odangwa when it comes to music production.” He said

Adding that “I have been doing music even when young and I had the needed flavor and test at my phalanges, with that in mind I also knew the artists would support me by choosing my production studio. And fortunately, that’s how it turned out to be.”

Namibia’s music industry has not been hitting airwaves, claims pointed to the language barrier, as only a small population could understand and write English. The majority embraced Arabic, a notion that Linus has been trying to dilute.

“With the entry of Linus here in Odangwa, apparently his presence has been felt. Musicians would prefer him over other producers because of his ability and matrix to change Arabic to English beats and vice versa. He equally understands the languages so artists have a thing for his studio.” Spoke Al hufgah, a Namibian artist.