South African actor and producer dies aged 47

The creative industry in South Africa thrown into mourning after Arthur Aron’s untimely death. [Image: Courtesy]
South Africa—Aron Arthur Ferguson, Botswana-born South African actor, executive producer, and co-founder of executive films has died aged 47.

Ferguson was married to Connie Ferguson and is well known for his roles in Generations, The Queen, and recent most roles in The Kings of Joburg on Netflix.

Gatherings have indicated that he had undergone heart surgery at the Milpark hospital in Johannesburg a week ago after complaining of chest pains.

While addressing the media his brother said: “We have lost a great soul as a family and a country. We really don’t know who will fill his gap. His support was extended not to his domestic family alone but to us too. It was our hope that maybe after the surgery he would be back into his feet but the untimely death crippled in. So sad.

“Plans and arrangements for the funeral are not in place as none still believes this but family members will soon sit and do some agreement.”

He was echoed by Jasen Jasen who played a key character in The Queen film saying; “Ferguson passing on is a blow to and a big loss to the film industry. We have lost one very zealous creative. His support has been real especially in The Kings of Jorbug so many young talented creatives have been featured.

“We hope that his legacy will be passed on and here we shall try to combine efforts so that his legacy is kept alive and well in generations yet to be born. He was unmatchable we shall dearly miss him.”

Conard Mwanza a representative from the Ferguson Foundation, told the press that he died from Covid 19 related complications.

Born in Botswana in 1974, Ferguson started a production company in 2010 and with his wife Connie, starred in the Company’s first TV production, Rockville, in 2013. TV channel Mzansi Magic renewed the show for season five this year.