Renowned Kenyan radio presenter appeals for help over Sh1 Million Hospital Bill

Radio Presenter Alex Mwakideu. [image: Courtesy]
NAIROBI, Kenya— Celebrated Kenyan radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has called on empathetic Kenyans to support him raise close to one million shillings in help of his sister currently admitted in Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Through his social media accounts, Mwakideu disclosed that his sister medical bill had accumulated close to one million shilling, as she is currently battling Covid-19 for close to a month.

“My sister Rozina Mwakideu has been in hospital battling Covid-19 for almost one month now. To be honest Covid-19 is an expensive affair. She was in ICU for like two weeks. Now she is better and in an isolation ward. Doctors are advising that we discharge her.” He said.

Adding that the environment in hospital is not good for as recovering patient, especially with the already ‘contaminated’ air, she would prefer change her surrounding for a speedy recovery.

“We are trying to raise 900K so that we can offset the bill at the hospital. Get her us a concentrator machine for her oxygen and all the medications she needs. We are kindly appealing for your support, the mountain is too high for us alone, we can’t manage discharge her with the current biting economy.

“We honestly need your support, financially and prayers as well. Tell everyone to inform anyone Mwakideu’s family is stuck and a little help will count a lot.” Mwakideu posted.

Rozina is the former wife to controversial Kenyan pastor and motivational speaker Robert Burale.

The two were married for close to a year before Rozina ditched the relationship, saying she discovered numerous things were not adding up.

According to Rozina’s allegations, even though both of them were born again Christians she learned that Burale had many secrets and was not ready to open and be frank to him, jeopardizing their union.

Mwakideu lost both his mother and sister in 2019 and hopes that Kenyans will stand with him as Rozina recuperates.