Kenya: Seven die as eight rescued after boat capsizing in the Indian ocean.

Kenyan navy rescues 8 Comorians in the Indian ocean. 7 others die. [Image: courtesy]
COAST, Kenya— Seven people from Comoros have died and eight others rescued in the Indian ocean near Kenya after their vessel capsized.

The 15 family members were being transported from one Island to another in Comoros when their boat was swept away by a strong wind.

The survivors were rescued by local fishermen who spotted their small engine boat tied with a white piece of cloth floating at the Northern Kenyan bank.

According to local media reports they had been surviving in the Indian ocean waters for 21 days.

Kenya Navy soldiers quickly intervened and managed to rescue them to Watamu dispensary before rushing them to Malindi sub-county hospital.

Kenya coast guard said the group was found unconscious in a vandalized boat before it was towed to the shores around 6 pm.

“I received a report from fishermen who had gone fishing at the North Kenya bank that they came across a boat which was floating at sea without an engine and it had 8 passengers who were unconscious. The boat was towed to Watamu,” read a section of the signal by KCG from Lamu BMU chairperson Osman Mwambire.

One of the survivors was able to talk and confirmed that they were all of Comoros origin.

The Comoro Islands known as the ‘Islands of the moon,’ by the Arabs are situated off the southeastern coast of Africa and composed of three main islands that is, Anjouan, Moheli, and Grand Comore.

In research done by the French senate put the death toll from 1995 to 2012 was between seven and ten thousand.

More recently, Comorian officials have said that the true figure could be as high as fifty thousand, an estimate that would make the crisis comparable in scale to that in the Mediterranean.