ZIMBABWE: The Warriors express discomfort in FIFA’s 2022 World Cup Calendar

Mpandare Wellington [Image: courtesy]
Zimbabwe—Wellington Mpandare, Zimbabwe’s football administrator has said the 2022 World Cup qualifiers schedule is likely to pose a challenge for Zimbabwe’s national team popularly called (The warriors).

At the start of September, Zimbabwe will be facing South Africa and Ethiopia consecutively. According to him The Warriors expected a challenge from neighboring teams, not so well established because of their geographical location.

The two debut matches are officially proposed in the FIFA 2022 International match calendar and are timed to happen in early September if late August won’t be possible.

At Group G matches, Bafana Bafana from South Africa is expected to be hosted by the warriors in Zimbabwe, after which the Warriors will travel to Ethiopia a few days later for their second derby.

According to Mpandare, what sophisticates the match is the 500KM travel from Addis Ababa to interior northwest Ethiopia where the match has to be played.

Ethiopia’s Bahir stadium is the only one well-furnished and accredited by CAF to host World Cup qualifiers.

“We had hoped to host South Africa on September 4th and then travel to Ethiopia the following day,” he spoke.

“But the challenge is that the game in Ethiopia won’t be played in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

“We have been checking the flights and the unfortunate thing about that trip is that we will not able to arrive there on the same day.

“So let’s say we play South Africa on September 4th, then we leave the same day it means we may only be able to arrive there on September 6th, and the next day we play Ethiopia. The dates have not been confirmed yet but it is something we are working within the mind.” He said.

However, with the events squeezed under a tight schedule, the warriors may be forced to play South Africa early enough. If this happens then they will have a little more time to arrive and prepare before engaging Ethiopians.