GHANA: Empress Gifty mocks gospel musicians for hypocrisy

Empress Gifty [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—Empress Gifty Osei, an award  Ghanaian gospel musician, and fashionista has castigated the Ghanaian gospel music industry for being hypocritic and not true to the Godly industry.

Holding an interview with a Ghanaian showbiz media, Gifty was asked whether she would mind collaborating with a secular musician in any project.

The “fefefe” hitmaker accepted the opinion saying nothing stops her from engaging a secular artist in gospel projects.

She affirmed that not only will she be pulling the secular artist to the right path but also it would be a good business opportunity.

However, she gave a case study of Celestine Odonkor a Ghanaian gospel musician who featured two secular artists Akwaboah Jnr. And Efya on a song called Aseda and some media houses could not play the jam because of some of its features.

Award-winning rapper Eno Barrony evenly expressed her displeasure about the trend of how gospel musicians refuse to work with secular artists in the country.

According to her recently released album “Ladies First”, she called five gospel musicians to support her in voicing the album but none of them turned up.

Gifty doesn’t mind featuring secular musicians in her songs and she is ready to who will accept her call.

“Oh this is not the first time, I have done it before I did it with umm umm  Dadie Opanka abubro nkusuo I won’t sit here and say for someone to say I am lying. I believe in music I believe in words…umm every time I say bits the mind and what you think of the person makes everything a sin or truth.

“Have you listened to the content of the song? It is the content that matters. The person has his reasons for singing that particular song, so and go support the person to sing the song. For me, it’s a music thing.

Gifty further revealed that \her relationship with secular artists is more cordial than gospel musicians.