Nigeria is on spot for its curving down sporting prowess

Nigerian athletes in Tokyo Olympics. [Image:courtesy]
Nigeria—In the recent past Nigeria has been emerging as a victor in several sporting and athletic activities. But as time went by the ounce celebrated sports giant has been recording a negative deviation in almost all outdoor and indoor activities.

The Nigerian athletes have been penning history at the All-Africa Games, the Commonwealth Games, and to a certain extent the Olympic Games.

But as it stands all the records made and history written have only remained that. Records and history.

The Tokyo Olympic Games exposed the extent to which sports development has declined in Nigeria.

Of the entire entries in the games, Nigeria managed to win only a single silver and bronze medal. The mockery being humbled by other minute global nations like Bermuda, Estonia, Fiji, Latvia, Puerto Rico, and others won at least a gold medal and/or silver and bronze.

Economist and sports enthusiast asking the big question on where the rain started falling on Nigerians. Analyzing from its strong economy and vast resources, population size and military might. Though others argue that, that cannot be a determination on who wins in athletes, posing a case study of Australia with only a population of 26 million and ability to win 17 gold medals, seven silver medals, taking an outright sixth position.

In 1980, Moscow Olympics, Nigeria also came out with zero medals and a litany of scandals. The same was in the 1988 Seoul Olympic games in North Korea, Nigerian sports persons also tainted their names with several immoral scandals that affected the team officials too.

According to global sports history, countries that lead in the activities learn from their own experience and adversity of other nations unfortunately such is not the case in Nigeria.

Advice from the global sporting community has been, sports respresntives should be well paid and on time as that will help keep their morale and motivation high.