A convoy of seven people killed in Imo State Nigeria, police inspector among them

Six killed, eleven arrested in Imo State Nigeria. [Image: courtesy]
IMO, Nigeria—An attack from unidentified bandits has claimed the lives of seven people in Nigeria, Imo state on Wednesday evening.

According to witnesses, some gunmen ambushed a convoy of workers in a facility belonging to the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.

It has been established that six of the victims have been working with a services company, Lee Engineering organization. A company that has been collaborating with Shell Petroleum, said the inspector General of police in Imo State, Mike Abattam.

According to Abbatam, a police inspector who was providing security to the convoy was also murdered in cold blood.

“They were ambushed, they came out from the bush and started firing at them. They (victims) were all in the vehicle. The seven people include a police inspector who was providing security for them,” Said Mr. Abattam, a chief superintendent of police.

According to the police spokesperson, they could not manage to understand who was responsible for the attack. “It is an investigation that will prove what exactly happened. For now, we cannot just conclude. We are emotional that innocent civilians can be gunned down on broad daylight.

“In our duty, we shall try all we can to bring the suspects of the attack to book. We can also see that one of our own has been gunned down, meaning the attack was well orchestrated.” Mr. Abattam said.

Gatherings from Shell spokesperson, Bamidele Odugbesan, revealed that the workers were travelling to Assa North gas development project site.

According to Mr Odugbesdan, Shell has opted to shutting down its facilities around the ‘precautionary measure.’

“We are greatly saddened by this development and are providing the contractor, company and police with needed support.  We are also sorry to the families of the victims attacked and promise to stand by their side with all we can.” He said.