SOUTH AFRICA: Springboks’s flyhalf Handre Pollard takes a swipe on those criticizing their gaming style.

Venue for Springboks and Argentina confirmed. [Image: courtesy]
South Africa—Springboks, South Africa’s national team has declared that their priority is winning and not taking their tournaments for a ride or as training.

The team’s captain flyhalf Handre Pollard in a response he castigated those assuming his squad will get to pitch and focus on entertaining them instead of winning. According to him, Springboks’ focuses is to take the day and they should bear with that.

South Africa defeated the British and Irish Lions 2-1 in their recent series, which has seen them mocked for what is perceived as a boring style that focuses on kicking to win territory over expansive backline play.

South Africa is currently preparing to face Argentina in Championship fixtures on Saturday. The match is to be played at Nelson Mandela Bay. According to Pollard what matters is results and that’s what they are preparing for.

‘Everyone has got their way of playing rugby that they think is the right way,” he spoke.

“For us, it is not about entertaining. Test match rugby is about winning. At the moment, we are doing pretty well, so for now, if it’s not broken there is no need to fix it. We’ll just keep doing what we’re are doing and people can criticize much as they want. We believe in it and that’s the only thing that matters.”

Rugby rules allow attacking teams to get the lineout throw-in if a kick from their own half bounces ounce before going out in the opposition 22-meter area.

“If it happens, then it’s great because it’ll be a bonus, but we’re not going to change our kicking game. We’re going to stick to what we know and what we believe in. If the opportunity presents itself, we’ll go for it and possibly take it.” Spoke Pollard