Flourishing Agriculture sector attracts Zimbabwean youth to rural setups

Zimbabwe’s government throws its weight behind the agriculture ministry6. [Image: courtesy]
Zimbabwe—Zimbabwean government has been keen on supporting its agriculture ministry. A move that has highly witnessed Zimbabwe youth leave urban centers for rural towns in order to practice agri-business.

President Mnangagwa has pledged support to Zimbabwe’s young generation opting to take part in crop farming and animal keeping. In his remarks with ZANU PF members in Malawi held on the sidelines of the 41st Summit of Heads of State and Government in Lilongwe yesterday, Mnangagwe said there were multiples initiatives being pursued to increase both production and productivity in the sector.

“Right now, because of the land reform and empowerment structures that we have created as the second republic, especially after funding windows we have created to support farmers, particularly young farmers, we can now see movement from urban to rural.

“You can see young people from universities and colleges asking why they have been wasting time in urban areas and taking stock of their successes, that’s attracting young people migrating from the urban set up to rural to set up.” Said Mnangagwa.

According to the president, the government was supporting farmers with inputs, mechanization programs, and capacitation of agricultural extension workers. During the Zimbabwean forthcoming 2021/2022 cropping season, President Mnangagwa said the number of farmers under the Pffumvudza/Intwasa program is likely to double.

Mnangagwa further briefed his ZANU members on tangible progress that the party has made in supporting the county’s economy. An economy that was left on its knees by the late Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

“We introduced the auction (foreign currency auction system). Initially, we were paying something like $15 million a week, now we are paying between $45 million to $48 million per week. We also have a platform for the small and medium enterprise.” He spoke.

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