GHANA: Mona recounts topping in class during her early days in school.

Mona Gucci, Show host at Onua Tv [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—Mona Gucci known in real life as Monalisa Abigail Semeha is a popular Ghanaian TV presenter currently hosting the ‘Birbi Gyegye Wo’ show on Onua TV.

Mona is also a celebrated lawyer specialized in Immigration Law from the USA. The sensational TV host has revealed on her ‘Birbi Gyegye Wo’ show that together with her brother they were always top of their class both in primary school and in senior high school.

Mona who had hosted, Tik Tok stars Whitney, Jackline Mensah, and Gil Bby gave them an opportunity to talk about their background, their TikTok journey, and how beneficial the social media app has been to them in terms of monetary value and stardom.

The Tv show host was not happy after TikTok star Whitney said she wanted to become a doctor as a child but due to indiscipline cases, the dream was shelved. According to Whitney, at her senior level of studies, she turned the focus to constant partying and clubbing.

Regretting the lots of time she wasted on the streets meeting boyfriends and friends. The time she alleges could be enough for studying and bagging a better grade.

“I am disappointed that you couldn’t become a doctor. My brother and I were always first in class. Even when we were sick and had to be in hospital we would still top in class. The only time someone took over us was when we didn’t come to school the whole term or stopped Schooling. I was focused.” Gucci said.

Mona who refers to herself as “screen Goddess” is known for making headlines and expressing her views on topical issues. Especially matters of national discourse.

The host of ‘Birbi Gyegye Wo’ has evenly asked fans willing to get invited on her program to make a direct request through her mail, or social media accounts.