SOUTH AFRICA: ANC supporter shot dead during party’s nomination process, others sustain egregious injuries

ANC members were shot while returning from overseeing voting for the ANC councilor in Ward 15. [Image: courtesy]
PRETORIA, South Africa—An African National Congress supporter was shot dead on Thursday in a highly contested nomination process for the ANC councilor in ward15, in Pretoria South Africa.  The unfortunate incident is alleged to have been conducted by his close competitors.

Following the shooting incident, two more people sustained injuries, and one of them a branch secretary was hospitalized.

Gathering indicating that the shooting transpired away from the voting section. Though it happened while voting was underway. According to ANC’s regional secretary, Eugine “Bonzo” Modise those who were shot were returning from overseeing voting at the station when suddenly they were] hijacked by gunmen.

Calling the perpetrators of the incident “hooligans” who had associated themselves with “those who have interest in political positions but obsessed with using orthodox means.”

“When they realized that they were not nominated or they were not standing a chance they started this, it is unfortunate and we must condemn such ungodly acts. If one really needs to get elected in any public office then they must be willing to undergo the nomination process. That’s the law, in plain English, not Latin.” He spoke.

Not willing to reveal the identity of the shooters, Modise had said before that he had learned about the acrimony in the 15 ward aspirants.

“There were some difficult members that we attended and spoke to them. We told them about how the process unfolded, that it was free and fair, we thought everybody was happy. Unfortunately, this happened yesterday when we were closing the voting.”

Malthaku Mojapelo, is one of the shooting victims who said he was shot on the back. She was taken to hospital and discharged yesterday. Though chose not to speak about the incident.

However, the identity of the dead man could not be confirmed, but he was allegedly known as Mpho and a close ally to the branch secretary.