SOUTH AFRICA:Abdul explains the feeling of  being a Tik Tok queen at 63

Paula Abdul [Image:couresty]
South Africa—Paula Julie Abdul landing in South Africa on Thursday morning, has been celebrated as a Tik Tok queen even at an old age.

The 63-year-old has been taking her moves to Tik Tok and the internet can’t get enough of her. In an interview with ET, the legendary dance and choreographer opens up about the fun she has been having on social media and how it feels being called the queen of the app.

“It has been so much fun, doing these TikToks has been an added bonus of joy, fun, and laughter,” Abdul, 63, tells ET’s Nischelle Turner. “I am working with a lot of really talented young people, who are natural-born directors and editors.”

“All these young people I have been collaborating with have been incredible. There are these young kids who are just taking over Tik Tok and social media, and them learning a dance from me has been such a  treat. And them teaching me, it has just been a blast. I have been having a lot of fun.” She spoke.

According to Abdul, she would not have managed to reach where she currently is, were it not for her childhood teacher, Dean Barlow. And as an appreciation, Abdul is surprising the teacher by renovating his Los Angeles-based recreation center for all-new episodes of secret celebrity renovation.

“Dean Barlow has been a fabric of my life. From the time I was seven and a half until now, he’s been in my life. You have your father and then you have your TV father, then the next closet-like male figure was Dean Barlow.

“He’s meant so much to me. And not just to me, but my sister as well and probably every single person that lives in the San Fernando Valley who’s ever taken a dance lesson.” Abdul spoke.