We suffer silently in marriages with believers- Charlotte Oduro

Charlotte Oduro explains challenges they encounter when married to believer. [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—48 years old Charlotte Oduro is a senior research scientist married to Rev. Joseph Oduro Yeboah and blessed with three children.

Currently, Charlotte is serving as the head of food product development in Ghana and has complained of the shortcomings that accompany her marriage to a preacher.

Charlotte says a pastor’s status is very difficult for their wives to complain about even when the marriage is turning sour. Adding that several pastors have a poor upbringing or they have experienced difficulty in their erstwhile life. That makes it difficult for their wives to open up and share challenges that may emanate in the marriage journey.

“Who do I tell and if I tell you how do you see it. So we have to stomach everything. So when I come here and advise the people, I dwell on the same advice in my marriage. We are suffering as wives of pastors” she stated.

“We don’t tell people but being married to a pastor is very difficult than marrying a non-believer because everyone thinks all is well,  so when he is killing you can’t even talk about it. He will be hurting you but you not even talking about that. Non-believers are on the easy ground because they can deal with each other.” She added.

However, Oduro highlighted that majority of pastors also tend to understand a challenging situation and confront it early enough. Citing that has a reason making many married in such relationships chose to keep going.

The mother of three also appreciated a marriage with a believer because most of them are responsible parents who won’t wait to be given direction.