Ethiopia shuts its embassy in Algeria

Ethiopia shuts its Algerian embassy to reduce expenditures. [Image: @Reuters]
Ethiopia—The Ethiopian Embassy in Algiers has been closed by Ethiopian government as it began to cut costs on its foreign policy obligations, this was announced yesterday (Wednesday, September 1) in a statement by Ethiopian government.

This happens a month after Ethiopian’s prime minister Abiy Ahmed said the country will shut down several embassies to manage costs, with most diplomats working as non-resident members.

According to the statement, the Ethiopian embassy in Algeria cited, economic crisis exacerbated by negative consequences of the covid-19 pandemic.

According to the embassy, the latest decision is part of the country’s plan to introduce new reforms aimed at establishing effective diplomatic representation across the globe.

“The embassy wishes to emphasize that this temporary measure will not in any way affect the strong and historic relationship between Ethiopia and Algeria based on mutual understanding,” The embassy said.

It also added that the decision can be reconsidered at any time in the future if the economic situation in the country improves. Ethiopia’s interest in Algeria will now be covered by a non-resident ambassador based in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

In July this year, the Horn of Africa nation changed the accreditation arrangements for dozens of its diplomatic citizens across the globe, Ethiopia then announced plans to cut the number of embassies it has overseas by at least half in a bid to save costs.

Even though the measures reduce cost, it is not clear how much money Ethiopia intends to save by implementing these plans.

Ethiopian government’s resources are overstretched following the conflict in Tigray, the country has lost about $2.3 billion since the conflict in the region erupted in November 2020.

The stated cost does not include military spending, lost livelihoods, civilian deaths or injuries, and hours of economic productivity lost as civilians fled danger.



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