SOUTH AFRICA: Duduzane Zuma seeks financial support from wealthy Indians as his campaign shapes up

Duduzane Zuma seeks financiers to fund his campaigns [Image:@duduzanezuma/Twitter]
South Africa—Duduzane Zuma the son of former South Africa president Jacob Zuma and the twin brother to Duduzile Zuma is working tirelessly to ensure his name is on the ballot in the country’s next general election.

With the chaos and unrest that was witnessed in South Africa a month ago, Duduzane and his twin sister were criticized for allegedly inciting violence on social media, which amplified the July rioting and looting.

Duduzane Zuma has hit his campaign trail among nervous but wealthy Indian communities to raise funds and assist him to walk door-to-door campaigning.

In Pretoria City, Laudium region, he met with local business people to discuss what happened in July and raise funds for his campaign.  Zuma has been on toss campaigning in KwaZulu using the door-to-door fashion. A campaign-style used mostly by ANC. He is on the stumps most weekends and his social videos attract high viewer numbers.

It has been established by several community leaders that Zuma has asked for help in Laudium to fund his campaigns. However, his personal assistant and host have objected to the sentiments. “It was not a fundraiser or a dinner it was about five people that needed to ventilate some issues during the day over a cup of tea, about our concerns on the unrest.”

Though sources have also been stressing that the central purpose of the meeting was to raise funds. Zuma’s efforts are said to have been less successful among business people in Lenasia and in Verula, where activists put the kibosh on plans to host him.

According to Peera, a long-standing ANC member as well as a long policing forum leader. “He is a friend of mine. I really do not need to justify my friendship with Duduzani. (his name is spelled differently in different places). Some Laudium residents have welcomed positive engagements with him as there hasn’t been  such for a long time because Indian communities are the minority and feel ignored.” He said.