South Sudan directs foreigners to acquire and renew their visas and work permits

South Sudan’s government suspends silent search for foreigners with no valid visas and work permits [Image:courtesy]
JUBA, South Sudan—Lieutenant General Atem Marol Biar, South Sudan’s immigration chief has suspended the silent search for foreign nationals without valid visas for a week to allow them legalize their stay in the country.

Speaking to the media while addressing a press conference this morning in Juba, General Marol called on Immigration officers to engage with the leaders of the foreign nationals in the country to help in identifying the unregistered and process their documents.

“You suspend silent search and remain in your place of work as you engage them to register. And stop wearing police uniform when you go to see their community leaders so that they don’t fear you because I am seeing people run away after seeing you coming to them.” Marol spoke to journalists.

He further directed the migration officers to issue three months temporary residency permits for all unregiste4d foreigners national.

“They have to be given temporary stay permits for three months as they go to their various embassies to process their documents,” he spoke.

“A lot of foreigners staying in South Sudan and are not refugees. The only people who can stay without documents are refugees but we have compromised them designing a new stay permit. It is a document we have designed,” he added.

According to Marol, the government is not chasing away the citizens from other nations but asking them to register and legalize their stay.

“If they don’t turn up for registration we will still engage their leaders to help us persuade them to get legalized in the country. We shall ensure they get a new passport and those with expired ones will not be charged. Our interest is to have every citizen identified and enjoy the right to stay on our land. It is our responsibility as South Sudan.” He spoke.

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