Nigerian artist Bella Shmurda fined, deported from Ghana for attacking a Ghanaian doctor

Bella Schmurda deported after assaulting a Ghanaian doctor. [image@bellashmurda/Twitter]
Nigeria—Akinbiyi Abiola Ahmed, known professionally as Bella Shmurda is a Nigerian singer and songwriter, who rose to prominence with the release of the song vision 2020.

The artist was on September 1, 2021, fined and deported from Ghana with two others by the Adjabeng Circuit Court in Accra for attacking a medical doctor at a quarantine centre.

The ‘Cash App’ hitmaker, 22, and two others Ramsey Omeofe and Jubreel Abimila were fined  GHc 2,000 each, deported and banned from travelling to Ghana for a period of three months for attacking a doctor with a fork while in quarantine at the MPlaza Hotel in Accra.

Gatherings have revealed that the three who had tested for Covid-19 upon their arrival in Ghana on August 27, 2021, became agitated when their test result came out positive. While in quarantine at the MPlaza Hotel in Accra, a nurse who was attending to patients testified that the three persons created a showdown if they were not discharged the following day.

“Upon their arrival like all the visitors we receive, they were taken to Covid-19 testing centre. The results disclosed they were sick with Coronavirus and as is the procedure we took them to quarantine.

“Unfortunately the three artists have been hostile and threatening nurses until yesterday when they attacked a doctor though the matter has been handled in the courts and the immigration offices.”
Spoke to a health officer.

“They argued that the antigen is fake and insisted that they were not Coronavirus positive.” She added.

As part of their plan, Bella Shmurda and his squad attacked the Ghanaian doctor with a fork and attempted to beat him and one other person who tried to intervene during the attack.

They further rained insults and curses on health workers and the country as a whole for allegedly conducting what they termed as “fake” COVID-19 tests.