Former PSG star Jean Pierre Adams dies after 39 years in coma

Jean-Pierre dies aged 73 after 39  years in coma. [Image: courtesy]
Ex-PSG star Jean-Pierre Adams has died at the age of 73 after spending 39 years in a coma. Adams was announced dead on Monday at the Nimes University Hospital.

He was 34 when he slipped into a deep coma on March 17, 1982, following an anesthesia error during routine knee surgery at Lyon Hospital.

The France national was in good shape going into the operation and was expected to wake up after few hours but he never woke up.

A court then said that negligence by hospital staff was partly responsible for the accident and both the anesthetist and trainee were sentenced to one-month suspension and fines that translated to $815.

While at the hospital, his wife Bernadette Adams, continued to attend to his needs and refused to consider euthanasia.

When the hospital said they could no longer look after Adams, he has moved to a custom-built home his wife Bernadette had set up and named “The house of the beautiful sleeping athlete”.

According to an article published in 2020, Adams could only open and close his eyes, hear, breathe without the help of a machine, jump when a dog barks and digest blended food but he could not see.

The couple lived in their home in Caissargues, near Nimes in Southern France. Bernadette said that Adams had a normal routine, he would wake up at 7 and eat, he would also hear and sit in a wheelchair.

Each day before his death, Bernadette looked after her husband with a lot of love, dressed, fed, and bathed him turning him over in his bed to avoid sores and to make sure he got comfortable.

Adams got married to Bernadette in April 1969 and they had two sons, Laurent, and afarederic.