Guineans remain peaceful as coup leader Doumbouya presents himself as power transitional leader

Mamady Doumbouya announces that the military will not witch-hunt former ministers. [Image: courtesy]
CONAKRY Guinea—High ranking officer behind the recent military coup. Lieutenant-colonel Mamady Doumbouya promised on Monday to set up a unity government to oversee a transition period and vowed there would be no witch hunt against the former government.

Lieutenant-colonel Mamady Doumbouya said in a speech that “a consultation will be launched to set down the broad parameters of the transition, and then a government of national unity will be established to steer the transition,” but he did not say how long the consultation would last.

Lieutenant Colonel Mamady Doumbouya disclosed further that a committee set up by the junta assures “economic and financial partners that activities in the country are continuing as normal.”

“The committee assures partners that it will respect all its undertakings,” he said.

Reassuring mining investors of its business commitments a day after the military seized power, Lieutenant colonel Mamady Doumbouya announced that mining companies should continue with their work and curfew has been lifted in their work areas.

Earlier he had said, all ministers from Alpha Conde’s government have been replaced by military commanders. The ministers have also been ordered not to leave the country and to hand over their passports.

The leader has also said that the military will not witch-hunt former ministers but justice will take its course.

Meanwhile, Colonel Mamady has announced in a statement read out on state-owned Radio Television Guineenne on Monday that “all airlines can resume their activities subject to submitting to relevant administrative procedure,”. The ports have also been reopened although land borders remain closed.

Hitherto, youth in Guinea have been seen celebrating the special force for seizing power. Colonel Mamady will present himself as the transitional leader.

Even with the UN, US, AU, and other African leaders castigating the junta for the coup and detention of President Alpha Conde, local sources established that there is no sign of unrest in Conakry.