KENYA: Jubilee’s Secretary-General, Rapheal Tuju challenges Ruto to declare his tax compliance status

Jubilee’s leadership questions Ruto’s source of wealth [Image: @raphaeltuju/Twitter]
 NAIROBI, Kenya—Jubilee leaders want Deputy President William Ruto to explain how he acquired his multibillion empire within a short time in leadership.

The leaders, speaking in a press conference on Monday cited large tracts of land, hotels, and helicopters that he acquired in a span of seven years. The President’s men, led by Jubilee party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju, tearing Ruto apart, accused him of tribalism, blackmail, selfishness, and greed of an industrial scale.

The sentiments put into plain the acrimony between Uhuru and Ruto had hit a crescendo. However, the DP’s office declined to respond to the accusations. Ruto’s communication officer through his Twitter handle noted, the statement about Ruto’s wealth is pettiness.

Though Senator Kipchumba Murkomen of Elgeiyo Marakwet said Tuju and his brigade were sobbing because Jubilee is dead.

“Swiss psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler Ross constructed five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. Tuju and company are in stage 2 –anger….They will get better when they reach the final stage of acceptance,” he spoke.

The Jubilee S.G who was accompanied by the party’s parliamentary leadership questioned which means did Ruto use to build a multi-billion empire in such a short time. He consequently asked the DP to tell Kenyans how to immerse wealth speedy instead of calling them hustlers.

“By his own account, the DP is on video record when he told Kenyans that he is worth sh100 million  in 2015,” Said Tuju

“In the intervening seven years. He has worked very hard in his business and now, therefore, he has assets like choppers, hotels, and land worth billions of shillings,” he said.

Further challenging Ruto to declare his tax compliance status ridiculing his known philanthropy as a man more generous than Safaricom Company and other blue-chip organizations.

“We thank him for saying he makes 1.5 million daily from chickens because his generosity that adds up to millions at different churches and transports money paid to his many visitors at his Karen residence was not adding up,” he said.