Obote’s last surviving minister, Mathias Ngobi dies

Ngobi served as the minister of Agriculture in obote’s initial regime. [Image:courtesy]
Uganda—The mood is somber in Uganda, after former minister of Cooperatives and Agriculture in Milton Obote’s government, Mathias Ngobi, dies.

His death was confirmed last evening by family members who preferred anonymity. Ngobi who served as the minister of Agriculture in Obote’s initial regime died at his home in Namuelesa, near Jinja district.

Ngobi was the only surviving member of Obote’s cabinet after the death of Emmanuel Lumu, Uganda’s first Heath minister in December 2019.

The former minister is remembered as one of the five ministers that were bundled up and arrested by Obote during a cabinet meeting in Entebbe on February 23, 1996.

The arrest of Ngobi and four others was the final straw as Obote moved to impose a new constitution that would later be termed as the pigeon hole constitution. In 1971 Ngobi was released following the overthrow of Obote.

Ngobi then served as minister of Agriculture in 1979, a post he held for one year under Binaisa’s government.

In 1980, upon the return of Obote, Ngobi took off to exile in the UK where he stayed until August 1985 with the overthrow of Obote 11’s government.

The family of the late has advised that plans for the burial are underway, the public will be informed through the media.

“We have arranged one person who will be handling the media but we are currently at his home in Namulesa Trading Centre in Jinja District. I will share information if I get it,” a close family member said.

The source added that burial arrangements were yet to be made as family members were preparing to hold a meeting before making their decision public.

Peter Walubiri, a leader of a faction of the Uganda People’s Congress, said Ngobi had been sick for a long time partly due to his old age.