GHANA: 44-year-old man arrested for impersonating police  

Fake police nabbed in Ghana while controlling traffic. [Image:courtsy]
Ghana—A 44 years old man has been arrested at Asuofua Lorry station in the Ashanti region after posing as a policeman.

The suspect, Richard Nyantakyi was arrested while directing traffic inside the province. At the time of his arrest, he was wearing a police uniform and flaunting what appeared to be a pump-action gun.

A report from the District police service in Asofua indicates the victim was spotted on Saturday, September 11 by the district police commander of Asokwa, superintendent Christian Owusu Mpinim.

According to comments by netizens on the issue, Richard is a community volunteer who seems to love the job he is assigned to.

Eugene Boadi Mc—”I know him well, he used to stand with the police at Asuofuo Barria and serving his duty as a volunteer in our community, sometimes I could see the police sitting down and he will be stopping the cars checking those without nose mask”

 Adjei Rolands­—”Sometimes, when those who are supposed to do the job refuse to, some people selfie pose for it. Even if he has gone contrary to the laws, let us all analyze his actions. Is it detrimental?”

Has he committed an atrocity?

“if he has just devoted his time to control traffic with some old uniform and his gun he uses for hunting, then he should be forgiven with warning and if possible, employ him into the service.”

Prince Boateng—”I said it, whenever I see him on his bike, the only question comes to mind “is he really a policeman “but finally…upon all he’s very serious all the time with the job. I think he should be employed so far as he did not commit any crime”

Excellency Kumi—”Oh dis guy deserves to be rewarded coz he is doing good work for mother Ghana. He is different from those who claim themselves as police personal”