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Nick Ruto responds to rumours after man gifts him necklace on his Birthday

Deputy President William Ruto’s son Nick [Image: @NickRutoOfficial/Facebook]
NAIROBI, Kenya– Nick Ruto, the son of Kenyan Deputy President William Ruto has spoken out following rumours that he was in an intimate relationship with a man who gifted him a necklace during his birthday party.

A video from his private party leaked over the weekend and has stirred reactions from many Kenyans on social media who questioned why the man, said to be a close friend stood up to fasten the chain in Nick’s neck.

To counter the thoughts of most Kenyans, the DP’s son took to his official Facebook page to address the issue.

“Build your circle and celebrate each other. If you can, gift your friends the best you can on their special occasions like Birthdays, Anniversaries, weedings e.t.c” He wrote.

He added. “This will help you understand the value of friendship and comprehend that gifting a friend of same or Opposite gender does NOT amount to Sexual/erotic relationship. Thank you all for your Birthday wishes and gifts. Nick Ruto”

In another post on Saturday, Nick wrote, “Today am celebrating my birthday… Growing strong and wise..3rd floor is sweet.” He also announced he had turned 30 by September 9th.

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