Ugandan Judiciary speaks out on Magistrate Teko Lokeris detention over bar brawl

The inspectorate has been directed to expedite the investigations that will inform appropriate action on Teko’s case. [Image: courtesy]
Uganda—Peter Teko Lokeris a Kapchorwa  Chief Magistrate has been arrested and detained by the police after a bar brawl which he is alleged to have drawn a gun at his cousins at a hotel in Moroto Municipality.

Police sources say chief magistrate Teko faces charges of attempted murder and assault. A pistol that he was allegedly held at the scene has also been confiscated and exhibited at Moroto Central Police Station.

It is alleged that Teko arrived at Moroto with his cousins for a drink between 8 pm and 9 pm on Saturday when the incident happened.

The source who preferred anonymity, because he has a working relationship with the suspect, said the group developed a misunderstanding. It is further alleged that Teko stood up and punched one of his cousins but the victim did not retaliate.

Angry with the victim’s inactivity, he allegedly got his pistol and cocked it before threatening the cousin with death.

In a statement released by the judiciary, the Chief Registrar has tasked the Inspectorate of the Courts to investigate the incident.

“As an independent, competent and accountable arm of government that is mandated to administer justice to all, we are closely flowing up the matter with Moroto Police so that thorough investigations are carried out into the alleged September 11 incident at Mount Moroto Hotel,” the judiciary said in a statement.

According to the judiciary, the acts of misconduct are not condoned and consequently, the investigations being carried out by the Inspectorates of courts will inform on the next course of action.

“The inspectorate has been directed to expedite the investigations that will inform appropriate action on the matter.”

The inspectorate of courts is an internal organ mandated to investigate and examine complaints against judiciary staff, in order to enforce the judicial Code of Conduct and Ethics for Uganda Public Service.