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DNA confirms body remains retrieved from septic tank in Uganda belong to Auditor general’s wife, Francis Onebe

Mary Asio’s remains handed over to her immediate relatives for a decent burial. [Image: courtesy]
Uganda—Wednesday 15th September a woman’s body slightly decomposing was retrieved from a septic tank in her marital home in Munyonyo, a Kampala suburb.

The woman is believed to have been abducted by security forces early this year, however, efforts to trace her had proved abortive.

With only the skin peeling off, it has been gathered that Mary Immaculate Blessing Onebe, the wife of Uganda’s auditor general Francis Onebe died not long ago.

The mystery is about the cause of her death as well as how the corpse was secretly moved and plunged into the family septic tank nine months after she disappeared while returning from shopping groceries.

Witnesses and on onlookers intimated that Mary’s body had deep cuts that relatives kept scrambling for answers on whether the body was really Mary’s.

The misery led to the Investigation police conducting a DNA test that candidly confirmed the body to be Mary’s, the wife of Francis Onebe.

“The DNA from the skeletons samples and that of the family members clearly matched. As a result, the remains of late Mrs. Immaculate Onebe were handed over to her immediate family members for decent burial,” CID spokesperson, Charles Twine said in a statement released on Thursday afternoon.

Claims that another body was retrieved from the very septic tank were thrashed by Twine, saying these were part of the remains of Mrs. Onebe.

“The results from the team of medical examiners and pathologists, confirm that bones recovered from the septic tank, are for one person and not two has earlier alleged from the scene of crime investigators. In addition, the bones were submitted for further forensic examination and scientifically identified as that of an adult female.”

According to police, after confirming that the body recovered from the septic tank belongs to Onebe’s missing wife, investigators are now focused on gathering evidence on circumstances surrounding her disappearance and how the body was dumped in the septic tank.

After the mysterious vanish, Francis Onebe filed a case of a missing person at Kabalangala Police station and later kept frequenting different detention centers in search of his wife who he claimed had been kidnapped by unknown people, though that was fruitless too.

However, Police is now seeking to crack the nut on how Onebe’s wife disappeared and who really are the perpetrators of the inhumane act.