Kenya: There is no fame and legacy in sleeping with many Women, No Trophy, Says Sonko

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko [Image:Courtesy]
Nairobi, Kenya— Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has admonished men to refrain from keeping many women for Intimacy purposes, saying no fame or Trophy comes with the act.

“Avoid Many Women as intimates, you can be friends, Just the normal friendship and let it not cross over because there is no fame and legacy in having many Women. No Man has ever won a trophy, medal or received accolades for cheating.” Mike Sonko wrote on his official Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

He went further to share his thoughts on how men should make their decision on the kind of woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with to enjoy the intimacy that is shared with one woman.

“Just look for one decent Lady and settle with her! Having Many Women for intimacy is inviting poverty! Marry in Your 30s and bring up a family, marry a Woman who is also determined to succeed in life, a Woman who has investment ideas, intrigues and hanker, one with brains!” he added.

The controversial ousted governor has become a motivational speaker since he lost the case to maintain his seat as Nairobi Governor. His sentiments have dived into communal development, Spiritual uplifts, and funny comments that at least invites readers to his page.

This time, most readers have commended him for the long-written text that “makes sense” to the youth who would like to make a difference in their lives. Sonko also warned the youth to Avoid alcoholism, drugs, bad company, and most importantly make friends with people who have the desire to succeed in life.

Avoid bad company especially those who only call You in clubs, bars, pubs, and drinking sprees. Such elements only need You when You have Money, the day You will be sacked or be broke and insolvent, they will distance themselves from You.

According to Mike Sonko, family is key to self-transformation, a journey of exploring the reality that life has to offer and the responsibilities of becoming an adult.

“With a family you will know the need to always work harder because you have people to look after, pay bills and provide for them, it’s a Parental responsibility!” He went on.

“This will always motivate and encourage You to work harder because You have to provide at the end of the day! If your Woman is unemployed and you’re are able to start a business for her be it SME or any Micro business, do it and empower her, She will step up when things disintegrate or perhaps you’re sacked from your Job!”

“She will always be there for you when you face financial constraints and challenges! Don’t forget to have a side hustle to boost your financial earnings!”

He concluded, “Nikimalizia na msomo wangu Also know God and always seek for his wisdom and knowledge, be near Him and He will lift you in your endeavors, from grass to grace!”