Ghana’s City Accra named UNESCO World Book Capital 2023

Accra named as UNESCO World Book Capital for 2023 [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—Accra the capital city of Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of West Africa has been selected for its unmatched attention on young people and their capacity to contribute to the culture and wealth of Ghana.

The former Gold Coast, named for its rich deposits of precious metal, became the Republic of Ghana in 1957 when it gained independence.

In this and many other ways, Ghana has been a model for others on the continent Dozens of African nations declared independence within a decade of Ghana, and the country has been considered to exemplify stable democratic and, until recently, economic reform.

Accra’s proposed programme seeks to use the power of books to engage these young people, as an effective way of moulding up young Ghanaians.

There was submission to the committee a broad programme that targets marginal groups with high levels of illiteracy including women, youth, migrants, street children and persons with disabilities.

Measures that will be implanted include the reinforcing of school and community infrastructure and institutional support for lifelong learning, in order to foster the culture of reading. By championing the public sector and other creative industries, the program also aims to encourage professional skills development to stimulate the country’s socio-economic transformation.

Among other activities will be; introduction of mobile libraries to reach marginalized groups, the holding of workshops to promote reading and writing of books in different Ghanaian languages, the establishment of skills and training centres for unemployed youth and the organisation of competitions to showcase Ghanaian arts and culture.

The Ghanaian Accra application evenly capsules, a strong human rights dimension, which aims to raise public awareness about freedom of information and expression, building on its own promotion of these rights as well as its involvement in the World Press Freedom Day.

According to Copyright on World Book, the year of celebrations will start on 23rd April 2023.

Accra is the 23rd city to bear the title since 200. It follows Guadalajara (2022) and Tblisi (2021).