President Museveni threatens to dismiss health ministers over Covid vaccines wastage

Health ministers on spot for Covid-19 vaccine wastage. [Image: @pres.yowerikaguta/Twitter]
Uganda—On Wednesday, President Museveni warned that he would fire district leaders in areas where Covid-19 vaccines are wasted or left to expire as the government scales up efforts to inoculate at least 22 million Ugandans.

“…I now direct with immediate effect that, all RDCs, CAOs, and DHOs must carry out intensive mobilization for all eligible priority groups to go for vaccination. They should in addition ensure no vaccines are wasted or left to expire.

“In any district where vaccines expire the RDC, CAO, and DHO will be dismissed,” Mr. Museveni said in a televised address on the Covid-19 situation in the country.

The latest ministry of health report indicates that so far, only 1,777,685 doses of the vaccine have been administered in the whole country with 3,135 virus deaths recorded since March last year when the virus outbreak was confirmed in the country.

According to the government, the country has so far recorded 122,502 positive cases since March last year with 340 active cases currently on admission at different health centres across the country.

But in order to prevent the third wave and importation or emergence of new variants in Uganda, Mr Museveni directed the Ministry of Health to enhance surveillance at the airport and all the 53 land ports of entry.

“Government will establish testing facilities at the airport and all inland border points of entry. In the interim (not more than 2 weeks), the private abortions will continue to test the incoming,” he spoke.

The president further said the UPDF and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) will support the Ministry of Health to complete the modification necessary for installation of the setting facilities and carry out the surveillance processes.

“I am aware of the limitations of the current public health act. Cabinet will fast ist amendment to facilitate the enforcement of SOPs and include among others, the on-spot and court fines of those who fail to adhere to SOPs,” he added.