Sendy and Lami Technologies join to launch trip insurance policy for transporters in Kenya

Lami Technologies to launch per trip insurance policy for transporters in Kenya [Image: @lamitechkenya/Twitter]
Kenya—Legal name Lami technologies is an end-to-end digital insurance platform and API that enables companies across sectors to offer insurance products.

The company has partnered with Sendy, an end-to-end logistics organization, and announced a new per-trip insurance policy for transporter in Kenya.

The transport sector is a core part of Kenya’s economic strategy. Most transporters move commodities, goods, and cargo across the country without business-specific insurance, which does not protect the business from the risk of the potential loss.

The development of insurance products for the transport sector can contribute to both financial and economic development.

This collaboration the two say supports the logistic industry by digitizing access to insurance for transporters protecting them against all risks of physical loss or damage from any external cause during transit.

Powered by Lami’s insurance API, transporters moving cargo can now swiftly digitize their insurance policy requirements on Sendy’s online freight dashboard for shipment across the country and within East Africa’s cargo valued up to Kes 5 million.

Sendy’s platform simplifies end-to-end logistics for businesses by connecting them to hundreds of transporters online.

Transporter allocated a consignment that will be required to access Lami’s embedded and automated insurance policies enabling real-time quotation, adjustable carrier liability on a per-trip basis, and faster claims process on receiving claims reducing inefficiency.

“Lami technologies is working on spearheading the transition of digital insurance in Kenya. By partnering with Sendy to provide transporters with access to affordable and relevant insurance products online, we are not only promoting the availability of freight insurance for transporters.

“But we are also connecting them to a wider customer base to increase the volume of their business transactions.” Jihan Abbas, Founder and CEO of Lami, said.

“Through this collaboration, we will be able to take advantage of the speed and ease of digitalization while also assisting our transportation partners by adding a cutting edge technology that will enhance efficiency to their service offering.

“It also allows our transportation partners to take advantage of a low cost per trip insurance policy. Which is also in line with our approach of forming alliances that enable our partners to do more.” Mesh Alloys, Founder and CEO of Sendy said