Mitambo cultural festival slated to end on October 2nd with performances from Chipawo & Zimbabwe Theater Academy

Mitambo cultural festival underway from October [Image:couresty]
Zimbabwe—Mitambo festival, a periodical celebration in Zimbabwe done to honor cultural identity and artistic expression will be culminating with Chipawo (The Children Performing Arts Workshop) and Zimbabwe Theatre Academy’s choral presentation.

Two weeks ago, the festival roared into life and has been running under the theme “Rise Up”, meant to push the content creators and performing artists space to be creative within the confines of the Covid-19 containment measures.

Chipawo will perform a play entitled “Kuna Kunze” at Mathew Rusike Children’s home while Zimbabwe Theater Academy will stage theirs “Zandezi” at Harare Prisons.

According to an interview done with the festival director Lyod Nyikadzino, everything is currently in order and guests should expect more outstanding performances as the end draws near.

“We decided to have ‘Rise Up’ as our theme due to the fact that Covid-19 has affected the industry and it is now time to show creatives as artists.

“We had workshops (symposium), short plays, and next week we will be having community outreach performances. So far we had about 10 short plays and we are happy with the talent.”

Nyikadzino said this week they are focusing on personal activities.

Speaking at the preparations for their performance, Chipawo manager Chipo Basapo noted they have been relying on online lessons and rehearsing under the Covid-19 regulations.

“The play was inspired by the findings of Chipawo’s work. There is a need to teach young children that chocolates can’t buy your life and appreciate what your parents give you,” she underscored.

“It’s a Shona play and the story centers on the life of school girls being lured by old men and getting them nice things like chocolates and watches among other things. In the play, there is a young girl called Tarisai who warns other school girls of such immoral behavior.

Chipawo manager said they had to cancel all their trips and other international festivals they scheduled to perform due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We wait for things to be normal and at ease. Remember we work with children henceforth. We wouldn’t want to expose them to a lot of people.” She explained.