South Africa: Herman Mashaba says ActionSA will be ‘unapologetically pro-poor, create jobs’

Herman Mashaba is confident that his party will offer jobs to South Africans [Image: @hermanmashaba/Twitter]
South Africa—ActionSA will be unapologetically pro-poor and deliver adequate services to communities in need of basic necessities, said leader Herman Mashaba.

Mashaba is a South African politician, entrepreneur, and the current president of ActionSA, a party he launched on 29 August 2020. H served as the mayor of Johannesburg from 2016 to 2019. He is the founder of the hair product company Black Like Me.

He launched the party’s manifesto on Wednesday ahead of the local government election on November 1.

The former Johannesburg mayor recounted meeting with the city’s poor residents who lamented lack of basic services, and vowed to have them high on the list should he get elected.

During his recognition from DA in 2019, Mashaba accused party members of ignoring his pro-poor views, which he hopes to champion through ActionSA.

Mashaba said ActionSA has been mischaracterized as a xenophobic party, something he said is not true.

“As a fellow South Africa, I want the people of the world to come to SA, in these municipalities we govern. But they must come here legally and obey our laws. Just as we are required to obtain visas or permits before entering foreign countries, the same should apply to those who wish to visit SA.”

Masha said if elected, ActionSA will undo the crisis caused by the national government which blamed for the failure to crack on undocumented immigrants.

He said the party will offer assistance to eligible undocumented foreign nationals who are victims of failures of the department of home affairs.

“We cannot remain unresponsive in local government. It is for this reason that ActionSA will establish a dedicated unit within the metro police departments to process any undocumented foreign national arrested for a crime.”

He said service delivery for the poor will be one of ActionSA’s priorities.

“In my experience in Johannesburg, wherever I spoke of the poor to those who were more fortunate, without exception, they wanted the city to do everything in its power to correct that kind of injustice.”

Mashaba said lack of access to the internet will be a thing of the past with ActionSA in governance. This is aimed at making job hunting and study easier for all.

“We will roll out affordable, high-speed internet especially to poor communities. Our goal will be to ensure that every resident must be within 2km of a Wi-Fi hotspot.”