Uganda’s Internal Affairs Minister, Kahinda Otafire, castigates NRM politicians for looting public coffers

Minister Otafire blames NRM leadership for Uganda’s economic backwardness [Image: @otafirekahinda/Twitter]
Uganda—Internal Affairs Minister and bush war hero, Major General Kahinda Otafire has said there has been a big shift from the values the NRM was founded upon and the ones exhibited now, indicating that he is worried about the future of the ruling party.

“The NRM of 1986 and the NRM now are not the same. If the two were to meet they wouldn’t recognize each other. There are many things that as pioneers we believed in and held dear but now have changed,” Otafire said.

“You find profiteers and all sorts of characters including criminals wearing the NRM-t-shirt. Many of these conduct businesses in the name of NRM but with their own selfish interests.”

Otafire was on Friday evening speaking during Uganda’s ruling party ideological orientation lectures for its staff and members living within the country and those in the diaspora.

The internal affairs minister said he is not sure of the future of the ruling party that he said hangs in balance after veering off its ideology.

“Sometimes I feel like not leaving the bed when I hear and read of stories in the press about corruption that has taken over our institution. I shudder that we can rub shoulders with the corrupt and corruption becomes a style.

“It is appalling that we can operate with manipulators who get money and start manipulating events so much that it becomes fashionable for everyone to be corrupt,” Otafire said.

Using an old adage of a dog and its nose, Otafire said the NRM will be a story of the past if the current leadership does not put in place efforts to have an ideological orientation.

“A disease that will kill a dog starts with its nose, same way a disease that will kill a person starts with his ability to speak. If we can’t speak we are finished. When you can’t speak and fight for your rights you are a dead man.”

“Those of us in leadership have allowed these things to happen but soon the NRM will be like KANU in Kenya. When a party lacks ideological grounding, it is like a house building on sand that is soon swept by water.” Spoke Otafire.

The internal affairs minister however tasked the party leadership to ensure they change this state of affairs through ideological orientation but also to ensure a return to the old values that the NRM was formed.