Jobberman launches Alliance for Better work initiative

Jobberman Brand New office in Ghana [Image: courtesy]
Ghana—Jobberman, the single largest job placement website in Sub-Saharan Africa, has today (Monday) announced its Alliance For Better Work initiative, as part of its long-standing partnership with the MasterCard Foundation.

The employer-centered initiative is geared to radically bolster recruitment in Nigeria with a focus on driving female hires and providing integrated end-to-end support on the easy-to-use online jobs platform.

Large corporations to SMEs in Lagos,  Abuja, Kano, and Kaduna will be able to capitalize on access to over4 182,000 pre-vetted job seekers between the age of 18-35, segmented by industry and qualification level and with a core focus on the agricultural, creative and digital sectors in Nigeria.

The Alliance for Better Work has been designed to improve job retention, workplace productivity, business development and crucially, bridges the gap of gender unemployment which according to recent data is 35.2% compared to 31.8% FOR MEN.

To date, employers have faced challenges such as the cost of training new employees, a flood of unfiltered applications, and wide skills gap.

The campaign will run in parallel to Jobberman’s successful soft skills training program, which has already 190,628 young people between the age of 18-35 for the workplace, as well as placing more than 82,600 in dignified employment.

The latest drive will see the pioneering platform draw from its leading expertise in the market to tackle both standards of recruitment with equal volition and on course to reach its target of securing employment for 3 million young people.

The Alliance will establish a commitment between Jobberman and employers in the agriculture, creative, digital, finance, health care, retail, and advertising, and education sectors to hire better and move beyond the inertia of costly recruitment processes.

According to Jobberman’s data insights, companies can spend an average of 4-6 weeks on their hiring process and cost an estimated 20-25% of the annual gross salary of a candidate to recruit.

The Alliance for Better Work is an exclusive recruitment club that gives employers access to the largest pool of trained quality candidates in the country, innovative end-to-end recruitment and post-hiring support, brand amplification, and exclusive rates, all tailored to companies’ specific needs.

With over a decade in the recruitment business, Jobberman has used his platform to develop job seeker skill sets, identify gaps in the labor market, and streamlined the hiring processing for employers.