Kenya’s DPP cites lack of cogent evidence over Tob Cohen’s murder could not allow charge judge Sankale

Noordin Haji unable to charge judge Sankale, citing insufficient evidence [Image: @dpphaji/Twitter]
Kenya—The body of 71-year-old Dutch tycoon Tob Cohen was discovered buried in a septic tank at Kitisuru home in Farasi lane.

He had been missing for two months. The body was discovered blindfolded with both hands tied suggesting that he might have been tortured before his death.

Detectives also found a rope tied around his neck. Cohen was a celebrated golf tournament organizer and former Chief Executive Officer to Philips East Africa.

Cohen immigrated to Kenya as an employee of Philips East Africa. He later started his own company Tobs Limited that specialized in planning golf safari trips.

In line with Cohen’s mysterious death, a senior Assistant Inspector General of Police has ounce again linked court of appeal judge Justice Sankale Ole Kantai to the gruesome murder of Sankale.

John Gachumo says on the day Cohen was executed, the investigations had revealed that the planning execution of the murder was directly linked to judge Kantai and the main suspect in the case Sarah Wairimu, widow of the deceased.

“There is cogent evidence that the judge participated in the planning of the murder of Tob Cohen jointly with Sarah Wairimu Kamotho.” He said

In an affidavit, the police officer said the two did this allegedly to cover up for a fraudulent transaction involving the transfer of shares on of Cohen’s companies.

However, the Director of Publication Prosecutions (DPP) Noordin Haji has come out to rubbish claims that he failed to charge key suspects in the murder of Cohen.

In a statement sent to journalists on Monday, the DPP maintained that there was no sufficient evidence to prefer charges against the suspects.

“In respect of investigations into the involvement of Honorable Justice Sankale Ole Kantai, upon a thorough perusal of the inquiry file and analyses of the evidence, the ODPP was satisfied that there was no sufficient evidence at the time to prefer charges against the said suspect unless additional evidence was made available to warrant a review of the said decision.” Said DPP

The criminal case is pending a hearing before the High Court.