Uganda opposition backers protest at UN offices over human rights violations

Uganda opposition supporters protest outside the UN headquarters in New York [Image:courtesy]
Uganda—President Yoweri Museveni has been sharply criticized for abuse of power from all quarters of the political sphere both in his country and outside borders.

Museveni’s regime has been suppressing the opposition by intimidating its leaders more often towards the general elections.

From early in the election campaign, police would violently break up opposition events, raid or close their party offices, and arrest their leaders for brief periods.

The message of this repeated action has always been to signal the opposition and their supporters that there is no space for them; to send the message of who is really in charge, and to discourage even the slightest hope of success.

Protests in reaction to these arrests are just as quickly suppressed. State violence intends to tire out opposition supporters, erode their zeal and resistance. At the same time, the regime lets candidates have a little following but may split the opposition’s vote relatively freely.

The constant unrest in Uganda triggered opposition party supporters based in the US on Monday who staged peaceful demonstrations outside the United Nations headquarters in New York, urging the international community to check on the excesses of President Yoweri Museveni’s administration.

In Kampala, the governments dismissed the protestors as ‘busybodies with visa issues and justifying’ and justifying their stay abroad, they said ‘they are not the first because we have had many people who pose as economic refugees in a way of mocking Uganda and they have never had any fruit from their actions.’

Donning red T-shirts and berets, which are outlawed in Uganda as exclusive for use by military police, the National Unity Platform (NUP) protestors shouted slogans and held placards with messages denouncing the government.

“Masaka lives matter, Museveni must be investigated for crimes against humanity,” read one placard, as another was written “a government of dictatorship”.

The leader of opposition in parliament. Mr. Mathisa Mpuuga, who was present at the protest said, “We want the whole world to see the level of injustice, oppression, and intimidation currently going on in Uganda.”

The protests coincided with the 76th session of the UN General Assembly and were held a day after President Museveni addressed the Assembly.