Dennis Karuri speaks on his interest in dating Eric Omondi

Male make up artist causes stir after interests in dating Erick Omondi [Image: @denniskaruri/Instagram]
Kenya—Dennis Karuri, a makeup artiste, has addressed rumors doing rounds in social media that he is interested in dating comedian Eric Omondi.

He further said that he is currently seeing someone and is not interested in anyone else.

Speaking about how people perceive him because of his dressing code, Karuri said that initially he was affected but he no longer cares about what people say.

According to a video shared on Instagram, Karuri who is dressed like a woman is heard telling Omondi that he could be his wife.

“Hi Eric, my name is Dennis, from Nairobi, Kenya. All this time you haven’t found a wife. Ask yourself one question. Have you ever gotten a taste of this?  Refresh your taste. Refresh your choices,” Karuri said.

“Honey, I am that sweet girl that everyone is asking for. Who is that sweet girl? Who is that sweet girl? It’s me. Yes, it’s me, honey, I got nyash. I got breast. Small breasts. I got brains. I got a face, I can cook. Normally that is what you call a wife material. Honey that is what you call a wife material.” He went on.

Speaking in a YouTube interview, Karuri said that the video was only intended to promote Omondi’s dating show wife material.

“Shooting the video was just part of work. It was to make more watch the wife material show. I do not regret doping the video, I knew what I was doing it. Who am I right now? I cannot be in ‘Wife Material’. I wouldn’t want KFCB to ban the video,” Karuri stated.

“I do not want ladies sending me applications I have someone in my life,” he noted.