Nigeria, Chad to Set up Joint Business Council

Nigeria and Chad unite to boost business tie [Image: courtesy]
ABUJA, Nigeria—As a move to enhance business excellence in West Africa, Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission has announced its willingness to team up with relevant government ministries, Departments, and Agencies of Nigeria and Chad in instituting Nigeria, Chad Joint Business Council.

It is teaming up that aims at creating a ground for the development of healthy commercial ties and improvement of bilateral ties and trades between the two nations.

The agreement was born after hours of an assembly between NPIC and high profile business delegation from the Republic of Chad led by Nigeria’s ambassador to Chad, Sadqie Abubakar, and his counterpart of Nigeria ambassador Abakar Saleh Chahaimi.

“NIPC will facilitate the setting up of the joint Business Council in accordance with our mandate, to encourage, promote and coordinate our investments in the country.” Ag. Executive Secretary CEO Emeka Offor said.

“Both countries recognize the potential value of the informal trade activities across their borders,” said Ambs Chiami.

“There is, therefore, need the need to formalize business activities between both countries,” he spoke while stressing the matter of se4ttingup the joint business council.

Further, he reasoned that NIPC should translate its Book of States top French language a way to enable Chadian Businessmen to understand and appreciate Nigeria’s investment environment.

Nigeria’s ambassador to Chad stated that he often has had their urge to increase the trade between the two countries since his election into office.

“I think we can look forward to how can promote trade through cargo flights between both countries.” He spoke.

The initiation of the joint Business Council is aimed at supporting tender and already established businesses in the nations.