Scarcity of alcoholic Savanna Cider drink causes a buzz to South Africans

A bottle of Savannah Cider drink [Image:courtesy]
South Africa—There has been a shortage of alcoholic cider savanna in South Africa according to the cider’s marketing manager Eugene Lenford.

In a statement, Lenford said the love and support of the cider created pressure on demand and supply.

“The enormous love from South African resulted in a situation where the brand has doubled in size in the last twelve months, creating significant pressure on demand and supply,” Lenford said.

This comes after some social media users had posted that it was getting difficult to buy the cider. Others even posted a sign from a retailer in Durban stating that the cider would be scarce for about six months.

“Some fans have been noticing their brand selling out fast and missing from fridges and shelves in their search for their favorite cider,” according to Lenford.

“We want to start by apologizing and reassuring South Africans that millions of litre of your favorite cider is still being produced each week and allocated to local retailers to make sure that you don’t miss your favorites crisp and dry cider over the festive season.

“We are sorry for the low stock levels in stores, but we are trying to keep up with you. We have seen exponential growth over the last one year, and we are working around the clock on solutions to produce and deliver more ice-cold crisp Savanna to customers and consumers across the country,” he said.

According to Lenford, the global; glass shortage is further impacted by shipping delays as the pandemic has left some suppliers and producers on the back foot in the last twelve months.

“The demand for Savanna’s range of premium ciders has exceeded supply for an extended period. The premium cider producer and some short medium long-term solutions to remedy with glass and other suppliers to avoid future shortages,” he said.

Lenford said the cider would be available throughout the festive season in greater volumes than previous years.

“We urge South African to be patient and are encouraged to buy in bulk remember what toilet paper taught us-leave some Savanna for others please.