Don’t go broke trying to prove a point – Davido

Davido [courtesy@Davido]
Nigerian singer, David Adedeji Adeleke, popularly known as Davido has advised his followers to avoid spending all their resources in trying to seek validation from people.

In a recent post via his Insta story, the pop star advised those who live to emboss others to desist from that part as it always never ends well.

“Don’t go broke tryna prove a point.” Davido wrote.

He also twitted, “Stop being so good to fools. Put full focus/love in the ones who appreciate and reciprocate in some way.”

These sentiments come amid a rising trend of people flaunting their wealth and lifestyle on social media. Many feel disparaged while others waste their resources to fit the expensive, classy class of the wealthy.

Without a doubt, it is hard to keep up with these false lifestyles especially when one doesn’t understand how fellow competitors source their wealth.

In addition to the high-end show-off, some selves dissipate their little money just to impress others or to win an acclaim of any sort.

A piece of broadly acceptable advice from the well-off musician and son of a billionaire is a perfect dose to such people who don’t want to live within their means.