Somalia expels AU diplomat Simon Mulongo

Simon Mulongo expelled as diplomat from Somalia amid allegations of ties with political parties [Image: @mulongosimon/Twitter]
Somalia—Known for their official representation of their countries or organizations in foreign nations, diplomats play a pivotal role in ensuring healthy relations between states, nations, and organizations.

However, the Federal Republic of Somalia through the ministry of foreign affairs has announced the expulsion of Deputy Special Representative of the African Union Commission Simon Mulongo from the country.

In a statement dated November 4, 2021, addressed to the African Union Commission, Somalia said that Mulongo has been engaging in activities incompatible with Amisom’s mandate and Somalia’s security strategy.

“The ministry of foreign affairs and international cooperation of the Federal Republic of Somalia presents its compliments to the African Union Commission and has the honor to inform the commission the individual listed below is designated ‘persona non grata’.”

Mulongo, who is a Ugandan citizen has been given an ultimatum of seven days to vacate the country.

Somalia has equally said it avails itself to renew to the AUCF the assurance of its highest consideration.

Diplomats can be expelled or declared ‘persona non grata’ either when they do not comply with the accepted behavior or send political signals in the country.

Such a decision is made by receiving state and does not require an explanation.

Indeed, Somalia did not provi9de justification for its action.

However, on November 4th, Somalia foreign minister Mohamed Abdirizik, said his country “will realize the implementation of the STP (Somalia Transition Plan), everyone will be held accountable for their action, no one will be allowed to hinder the Somali nation, we have simply come too far.”

By declaring a persona non grata, the receiving state can unilaterally terminate a diplomat’s functions in its territory.

Following such a declaration the sending state must recall this diplomat, who is then required to leave the country within a deadline set by the receiving state.