Ugandan comedienne Ann Kansiime cracks ribs at sold-out comedy show in Zambia

Zambians thrilled by Kansiime’s perfomance. in her recent tour of the country [Image: @annkansiimeInstagram]
Uganda—Celebrated Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime over the weekend thrilled her fans in one of Zambia’s capital Kitwe while on her comedy tour in Zambia.

Going by the reception packed revelers gave Anne during performance according to the photos she shared on her social media, it was clear how her art has mushroomed in Africa.

This was the first physical stage performance ever since she gave birth.

Anne Kansiime’s mind is still totally blowing and she has through her social accounts thanked the massive support and love the people of Zambia showed through the thrills of her rib-cracking comedy jokes over the weekend.

“What a show! The love kitwe showed me this past weekend has totally healed me rejuvenized me and rejuvenated me and sweetly ushered me back into Ninjamode.

“Zambia truly is my home away from home.” Anne Kansiime wrote.

The comedy industry in Africa has grown to be one of the mentioned lucrative entertainment sectors. However hitherto only South Africa and Nigeria stand out as countries where comedy has gained full momentum.

Joseph Opio, by Hollywood structure, is the bottom of the pyramid when pit comes to salary. As per the Writers Guild of America.

Opio’s boss Trevor Noah joined ‘The Daily Show’ as a correspondent and writer, but his rise was meteoric as he took over from the incomparable Jon Stewart just weeks after he joined.

Uganda’s Kansiime has hit the jackpot with her brand of humor, first exclusively done on YouTube. She ventured into comedy by posting her five minutes skits on YouTube, which proved to be a hit with viewers in the region and later around the world.

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