Ghana: I’m past the cheap publicity stage; Obaapa Christy

Obaapa Christy [Image: @obaapachristy/Instagram]
Popular Ghanaian Christian singer and Lady Reverend, Obaapa Christy has said that she does not need any form of cheap publicity stunt for anything at this level of her career.

Unlike other musicians who thrive on publicity and clout chasing to remain relevant, Obaapa has stated emphatically that looking at how far God has brought her as a musician, there is no need to stage a publicity stunt to promote her new song or brand.

Formerly known as Christian Love, Obaapa Christy is on of the biggest Ghanaian musicians with a well-established and marketable brand across Africa and other parts of the world.

Upon all the phases her career has gone through, with God’s favor and hard work she is still relevant in the industry.

Obaapa Christy is currently promoting a brand new single titled ‘the glory.’

In 2007, she won Best Female Vocalist Award of the year, Gospel artist of eth year and also took Best Collaboration of the year with a song she featured Kwaku Gyasi- another beautiful brand in the gospel music fraternity.

She has therefore urged colleagues and upcoming musicians to focus on putting in more work, get a good team and also seek God’s favor and guidance.

Clout is bargaining power and it’s a major force in leveraging a deal with a label. In order to even get a seat at the table, artists need to be able to offer something. Most labels won’t even take a meeting unless they have established a fan base or sold records on their own.

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