Kenya: Depression pushed me off social media; Socialite Shakilla discloses

Shakilla complains tough competition on social media made her take a sabbatical leaf [Image: @shakilla/Instagram]
Controversial Kenyan socialite Shakilla is back on social media after a long hiatus. While making a gallant comeback, the socialite shared with the world why she decided to take a break.

According to Shakilla, the daily posts and attention on social media was gradually sinking her into a depression abyss.

Shakilla noted that social media is unhealthy because it easily makes people think they are stuck in life while looking at others progressing.

The socialite stressed that the comparison is what depresses many young people who are ardent to social media users.

“I used to get depressed when I came to these apps. Had to take a break. Social media will really have you thinking you are stuck in life. This thing is not healthy for real. Watching people at various stages in life comparing it to ours. There is no way that is healthy. Shakilla wrote.

It should be noted that Shakilla is not the first and only public figure to state that social media is depressing at times.

Months earlier, Shakilla had disclosed the amount of money her parents will be expecting to get during her dowry negotiations.

The socialite insisted that she had made a name for herself and whoever wanted to marry her has to have deep pockets to afford her bride price.

According to a message posted on her Instagram account on Wednesday, March 31, Shakilla said her boyfriend would have to pay 10 million as her dowry in the current ‘market.’