Zimbabwe: Feli Nandi set to stage a thrilling performance at Jazz and Soul Night concert

Feli Nandi set to perform at Jazz and Soul Night concert today [Image: @felinandi/Twitter]
Zimbabwe—Renown vocalist and Afro-fusion musician Feli Nandi, professionally called Felistus Chipenddo, has said she is ready to ignite Harare at a night concert scheduled this evening.

It is a show that will be hosted by Theatre in the park and was organized by Feli Nandi in partnership with Dollarbilll Entertainment. The event is dubbed ‘Jazz and Soul Friday Night’, slated to start at 6 pm and end at 9 pm.

In a statement, Feli Nandi spokesperson Passmore Ndlovu said they were ready to give their fans a treat today after a long break since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“All is set for Feli Nandi concert this Friday the 12th of November 2021 hosted by Theatre in the park,” he said. “The concert organized in partnership with Dollarbill Entertainment is christened “Jazz and Soul Friday.”

Ndlovu gave a brief background for Feli Nandi, outlining some of her artworks.

“Feli Nandi started off as a backing vocalist for Mbeu and Mhodzi Tribe Band.” He said. “She left the band to launch her solo career and gained fame when she teamed up with Trevor Dongo for their song ‘Mfudzi Wemombe’ released in 2020.

“In 2021 she released her self-titled album ‘Feli Nandi.’ Her songs like ‘Munhu Wangu’ ‘Unotyei’ and ‘Kukurudmiza’ have earned her amazing airplay on local radio stations. She has done several live performances at both private and public events.”

Ndlovu said the bookings were still on, adding the show would have full bar catering.

“The admission is US$10 and tickets are available in advance,” he said. “The ‘Unoytei’ hit make says she is very ready and excited to perform and engage her fans.”

Feli Nandi has been surviving through online performances of various platforms during the lockdown and was now bouncing back to weekly shows for her fans.